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Recent Cases & Outcomes

01 Golestani v. Pacific Bliss, LLC In April 2022, after defeating multiple summary judgment motions, Berman Litigation Group obtained $2,235,000 to resolve Fraudulent Conveyance and Enterprise Alter-Ego claims after the entity defendant defaulted on a $1,500,000 promissory note. Personal assets secure the settlement. Golestani v. Pacific Bliss, LLC, et al., Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No. 19STCV38718

03 Blair Stover v. David Sajasi Caused the Plaintiff to drop his lawsuit for derivative and personal claims by filing a motion under Corp. Code § 17709.02 and Civ. Proc. Code § 1030 which required Plaintiff to post a bond by showing that “there was a reasonable probability that the moving defendant will obtain a judgment in the action”; and “there is no a reasonable probability that Plaintiff’s action will benefit the company or its members”; Blair Stover v. David Sajasi, et al., Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No. 19STCV18148.

05 Beck v. Mausner Won arbitration involving shareholder dispute of closely held corporation by successfully petitioning to restore shareholder rights of an individual shareholder and secured multi-million dollar settlement for the shareholder. Beck v. Mausner (L.A.S.C. LC089216)

02 Jason Lowy v. Hancock GardensOn the eve of trial, Berman Litigation Group obtained $4,211,962.92 and a $1,518,262 increase in capital account to settle claims against a limited liability partnership. Before retaining Berman Litigation Group, the Plaintiffs unsuccessfully offered to accept $1,500,000 to resolve their claims. Jason Lowy, et al. v. Hancock Gardens, et al., Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No. BC644660

4 Kilroy Realty, L.P. v. Newgen Results Corp.Defended a publicly-traded company against alter ego and fraudulent conveyance claims brought in a $60 million breach of lease case. Shortly before trial, settled action for less than 5% of the damages sought by Plaintiff, an amount lower than had been offered by Defendant at the onset of litigation. Kilroy Realty, L.P. v. Newgen Results Corp. et al. (S.D.S.C. 37-2008-00080164-CU-BC-CTL)

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